The Perks Of Parasomnia

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I’ve been thinking about mental illnesses. It seems like not so long ago, people with a mental illness who were considered a danger to society were locked up, both for their own good, and societies.

No more it seems. The world is chock a block full of nut jobs wandering around doing whatever the hell they want with apparent impunity. If they get caught at all, they seem quick to scream “mental illness” as some kind of excuse for their actions.

It used to be “the devil made me do it”, then it was “I had a bad upbringing”, now it seems any sort of mental disorder, even a made up one, will get you off a serious crime.

Take todays story about Trent John Pobar for example.

A MAN who had sex with a sleeping woman has been found not guilty of rape after telling a jury he had been sleepwalking.

Trent John Pobar, 29, and his family began crying as the foreman announced the acquittal after the jury had spent 190 minutes deliberating.

Mr Pobar admitted having sex with the woman at Katherine, in the Northern Territory, in January last year.

But he said he had a history of parasomnia – performing complex motor behaviours in his sleep – and had not had sex voluntarily.

After drinking the better part of two cartons of beer, rum, some red wine and a shot of absinthe – an amount Mr Pobar estimated to be equivalent to 55 standard drinks – he and three others passed out at the woman’s house.

Mr Pobar told the Supreme Court jury he could not remember going to sleep or anything else until the woman’s partner dragged him out of the house by his foot.

Ok, here’s a Paddy psychobabble rationale. The guy is a fucking drunk. He may or may not have known what he was doing, but the chances are excellent that if he wasn’t pissed off his nut, he wouldn’t have raped the sleeping woman.

Being a worthless drunken pisstard is not an excuse to “do what thou wilt” with impunity.

I honestly believe it’s high time decent citizens armed themselves with baseball bats and performed some acts of parasomnia of their own.

It all comes down to “I don’t remember”. Chant it like a mantra and your home free.

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Speechless. :evil:


February 13th, 2010 at 2:08 pm

An shocking story that bears interestingly, if only tangentially, on a complex and not-well-understood mental disorder. Thanks for this post.


November 13th, 2012 at 2:31 am

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