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I have been banging on about the problems with the Sudanese community in Melbourne for years now. And in the past I have faced the usual and predictable Leftist backlash for even daring to highlight the problem…

…Various brawls and attacks have taken place over the past few days that have been so vicious, that even our mealy-mouthed Left Wing media outlets have been forced to confront it. Even more amusingly for someone like me, they are now even starting to identify the perpetrators as SUDANESE.

For years my stance has remained unchanged. If they come here and commit a violent crime they should be deported to their country of origin immediately…

This is and excerpt from one of ANDREW BOLT’s BLOG POSTS

VIOLENT young Sudanese men will continue to wreak havoc unless the state government improves its relationship with youth service providers, community leaders have warned.

In two nights of drunken brawls in Melbourne’s west two police officers and several Sudanese men suffered injuries…

A THIRD brawl in as many nights involving the Sudanese community has left at least two people injured.

The pair was reportedly hit with a bottle during the clash in the car park of Daisey’s Hotel, Ringwood, about 10.30pm last night…

It’s believed up to 30 men could have been involved in the brawl, which saw two people suffer head and leg injuries.


A trainee pilot has been savagely bashed by a gang in Melbourne’s CBD in broad daylight…

The student pilot from New Delhi was confronted as he left his apartment in Flinders Street on Sunday morning by five men he describes as African.

They surrounded him and bashed him unconscious using knuckledusters.

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We have problems with them here.


Patrick Carroll Reply:

I’m not surprised to hear it Trestin.


April 27th, 2011 at 8:27 pm

Some immigrants don’t play well with others. I agree that they should be summarily deported.


Patrick Carroll Reply:

Absolutely Cube, get them outa here!


April 29th, 2011 at 6:15 am

well to be honest I don’t think any one of you have the right to say that these young people need to be sent back cause if every youngster that was doing something wrong need to be sent back then pretty much every white person will be under that category too as if you guys have forgotten this is not your county of origin, you came here as a migrant or as a descendent of a criminal, So may be look for other form of discipline and punishment rather than being racist. ;-)


Western Suburbs Reply:

You are kidding me Sugi??!! We allow these THINGS into our country and they think and act like they are O.G. Cripps?
3 options here. 1. Dont let them in. 2. Send them back to Swaziland or wherever they came from. 3. – best left unsaid.
I am from the west of Melbourne and I have seen. Perhaps too much judging by my previous comments.


Brendan Reply:

I’ve just stumbled across this blog by accident and I am absolutely sickened by it. There’s a big difference between “highlighting a problem” and full on racism, generalisations and ignorance. Your whole post was “best left unsaid”. There you go, there’s some “predictable leftist backlash” for you.


Brendan Reply:

Nicely said Sugi, I completely agree. At least there are some decent people out there.


October 29th, 2011 at 10:05 pm

I could not agree more, send them back, they took over my hometown of Dandenong and after having three cars stolen and our home broken into, we were the ones to move out despite having helped to develop Dandenong into a wonderful place to live.


April 18th, 2012 at 4:47 pm

hi my name is kon manyok
and i was also wondering if i can meet with all the communities leaders to have bit discussions about celebration next year referendum for all the tribes to showcase their performance please am really looking forward for this opportunity to happen in Australia for the first time or the second time, for more information contact me on 0431369885 or kon-kut28@hotmail.com


September 20th, 2012 at 3:09 am

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