The worst book I ever read….

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Ahhhhh memories, there I was sitting around minding my own business when all of a sudden it came to me. A mental image of giant praying mantis’s feasting on hapless victims, it could only be a flashback to the early 80′s when I bought a pack of 5 horror books for $2.00 or thereabouts.

One of the said books was called “Eat Them Alive” written by a still unknown author by the name of Pierce Nace. When I say “unknown” I mean it was a pseudonym and no one seems to know for sure who the real mastermind was.

Now I can hear you thinking, “but what about this book I read….” Forget it, no book you have ever read is this bad. None.

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Big Black Cloud….

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By now we have all seen this frame up video….

Ed Schultz tries to get a “gotcha” moment on Rick Perry and comes off looking like the sanctimonious finger wagging tosser he is.

Now, it seems to me that most people are missing the point here. The point is not that certain sections of the media are trying to crucify potential Presidential candidate Rick Perry, thats what media maggots do, there is no surprise there. The surprise is in the faux outrage of even implying that the Obamessiah is black. Heaven forbid him or his administration is referred to as a “big black cloud”.

Lets set the record straight. Obama is black. He was born black, he chooses to identify himself as a black man….it’s not a global secret, but we should never mention it unless someone takes offense.

Some might say, myself included, that indeed Obama and his entire administration are in fact a “big black cloud” that hangs over America, nay the world!

Even though obviously this is not what Rick Perry meant, so the hell what if he did anyway?

Have we become so pathetic as a race that even implying such a thing is considered “racism”?


Time off…

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Quote of the month!

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Yeah so I don’t write much here anymore, my bad. I still do surf around and read what other people write though. Now this is a beautiful quote from the always thought provoking Lexcen at My Gripes Of Wrath

It is important to distinguish between crimes committed by insane individuals and crimes committed by an insane cult/religion. We cannot protect ourselves against individuals who go berserk because we cannot predict how any individual will behave but when we live in denial about the beliefs and aspirations of Islam, we only have ourselves to blame.

If I could write as concisely as that, there may be a few more of my posts here!


Death penalty for rapists

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I have written over 1150 posts on this blog over a period of 6 years and in that time I estimate that at least half of those posts have been about law and order issues.

I have been a long time campaigner for the rights of the victim(s) voices to be heard.

I have been a long time campaigner for the re-introduction of the death penalty in this country for serious hard core violent criminals.

I have particularly strong feelings in relation to sex offenders of all kinds and believe that the crime of rape is, if not worse than murder, at the very least the equivalent of it in terms of severity…

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