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More Cheesy Romance Quotes.

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Way back in May 2006, I was feeling all silly, as one does, and began pondering the phrase “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover”. I decided, that indeed you can. If it has Fabio on the cover, it’s a cheesy romance novel. In the vein of blue cheesy romance novels (< —–bad Cheese pun), and taking the absence of the other Patrick into account, I have concocted another smooth collection of cheesy romance quotes…..

He stared lovingly into her eyes, briefly noting their milky whiteness, like two freakishly even sized holes in a block of Swiss cheese.

Such was the depth of their love, that it felt like the normal rules of life didn’t apply to them. The spring in their step, the shine in their eyes, all indicated that they felt exempted from the rules. Much like a piece of cheese is exempt from the ten second rule.

They had been inseparable for weeks now. They held each other tightly, never letting each other out of site. It was as if they had bonded at the molecular level, like cheese melted onto toast under the grill.

Their love for each other grew by the day, until it had become all encompassing, like mold on a month old lump of neglected cheese.

After the birth of their beautiful child, the living embodiment of their love, he recalled her pain during child birth. How he had wanted to pick her up and take the pain away, how he had wanted to tell her that he knew just how she felt. After all, he had once eaten a 1 kilo block of cheese in one day.

Maybe one day Fabio will grace the cover of a book with my name on it?


Pondering the not so distant past….

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Way back when Kevin Rudd won the election for Labor, there was much champagne popping from his supporters. Much, viva the revolution type of talk.

So there was this tosser who visited here frequently at around that time. He posted by several names, presumably because he was too stupid to remember his fake ID’s. Jakdooker, Mollytar, and mollyjakdookertar, there were others, but I banned him for vulgarity…and just quietly immense stupidity.

You can read some of his barely coherent ramblings of joy here and here.

Sometimes I ponder about what he thinks now, as his Utopian dream falls flat on it’s useless, moronic, incompetent face.

Gillards latest shamozzel is a classic case in point of a useless government led by incompetent half wits.

High Court rejects refugee swap deal

THE Gillard government’s “Malaysian Solution” has been thrown into disarray after being ruled unlawful by the High Court.

The court’s full bench found Immigration Minister Chris Bowen’s declaration of Malaysia as a country to which asylum-seekers could be sent for processing was “invalid”.

Chief Justice Robert French said the court ordered Mr Bowen and his department be restrained from sending asylum-seekers to Malaysia.

“The declaration made … was made without power and is invalid,” Justice French told a packed courtroom in Canberra.

The High Court also found today that unaccompanied asylum-seekers under the age of 18 could not be lawfully taken from Australia without the minister’s written consent.

The ruling is a massive blow for the Gillard government, which had hoped the Malaysian refugee swap would be the deterrent it needed to halt the flow of asylum-seeker boats to Australia.

If the government now abandons the plan, it will still be bound under the deal to accept 4000 extra refugees from Malaysia, while being unable to send 800 asylum-seekers there for processing.

Ya can’t make this stuff up.


Tim Cook has become world’s most powerful gay man

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So screams the headline, but is his “gayness” important? Does it matter that he is gay? Does anyone care? Should people be identified by their sexuality when identifying them in such a manner is more often than not seen as a negative thing?

Imagine Tim Cook was a serial killer, would the headline read “Tim Cook has become the worlds most evil gay man”?

Come to think of it, is Obama referred to as “the worlds most powerful hetro man?

Quite frankly, I’m over the one sided PC debate on such issues.

Personally, I neither care nor want to know if people are gay or straight or any other you beaut sexual construct they might like to identify with.


Some Beans

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Our illustrious leadership has decreed, at the behest of the green half wits, that Australia needs a carbon tax.

Now, this tax will cost more than it raises apparently.

Anyway, it’s a funny tax where a government hands back more than it raises.

That “hand back” bit is in the form of compensation for the increased costs they insist we will not get.

It’s all very Baldrick to me….Enjoy watching the Australian Government attempting an original thought and trying to add their beans up.


The worst book I ever read….

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Ahhhhh memories, there I was sitting around minding my own business when all of a sudden it came to me. A mental image of giant praying mantis’s feasting on hapless victims, it could only be a flashback to the early 80′s when I bought a pack of 5 horror books for $2.00 or thereabouts.

One of the said books was called “Eat Them Alive” written by a still unknown author by the name of Pierce Nace. When I say “unknown” I mean it was a pseudonym and no one seems to know for sure who the real mastermind was.

Now I can hear you thinking, “but what about this book I read….” Forget it, no book you have ever read is this bad. None.

Here’s the short version….(don’t read any more if you have a weak stomach). Read the rest of this entry »

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