How To Find a Vasectomy Expert in Phoenix, AZ

A vasectomy is a surgical procedure carried out under local anesthesia in a urology specialist’s office. It involves sealing the tubes that carry the sperm and it’s 99% effective in preventing pregnancy on a permanent basis. A common misconception about vasectomy is the fact that it interferes with the man’s sex drive. On the contrary, a vasectomy performed by a competent and experienced urologist, whether it’s a conventional vasectomy ( using a scalpel) or a no-scalpel vasectomy does not affect the man’s sex drive or libido. You will still be able to have erections and ejaculate, but there will be no sperm in your semen.

If you are a Phoenix resident, then you have the opportunity to set up an appointment with Dr. James Fishman, one of the most respected experts in vasectomy. If you have a partner and both of you agree to this highly effective birth control method, you should consult a well-known urologist to discuss the procedure with you. The no-scalpel vasectomy is preferred by most patients because it involves no incisions and hence no stitches. It’s also less likely to cause post-surgery complications. No matter the type of vasectomy that you choose, it’s essential to take your time to make this decision, because once performed, vasectomy reversal is quite difficult, even though it’s not impossible.

During the first consultation, an experienced urologist that specializes in both conventional and no-scalpel vasectomy, AZ will also take the time to explain that you still need to use contraception for a minimum of 8 to 12 weeks after the procedure because sperm will still be present in the tubes ( vas deferens) during this period. Your trusted Phoenix, AZ urologist will typically recommend 2 semen tests to make sure that there’s no sperm left in the tubes. The procedure itself usually takes about 15 minutes to perform and you will be administered a local anesthetic to numb the area to be treated. Mild discomfort and swelling of your scrotum are normal for a couple of days after the surgery.

If you’re sure that you and your partner don’t want more children, you should consider undergoing a vasectomy. If you reside in Phoenix, AZ, your best bet is the premier urology practice Central Arizona Urologists, founded in 1964. Do not hesitate to schedule an initial appointment with Dr James Fishman, one of the best specialists in vasectomy Phoenix, AZ and beyond, by calling (602) 242-1556 or filling the contact form on the website to see if you are a good candidate for this permanent method of birth control.