How Does a Lawsuit Loan Work

Have you filed or about to file a personal injury lawsuit that has left you unable to work? Many people find themselves in that situation and are worried about how they are going to pay their bills and support their families while they are in limbo waiting on the lawsuit and settlement. You may be asking how to find a lawsuit? This is where my lawsuit loans can assist you. Our company can provide you with funding that can hold you over until you can cash in on your settlement and get back on your feet again.

Our services 

We provide lawsuit funding, settlement funding, and lawsuit cash advances in exchange for a fee that will provide you with the cash you need while your case is pending. My lawsuit loans can be a great option when you are hard pressed for money right now. We will provide you the cash that you need and you will pay us back with interest when your case is settled. We can promptly review your case and settlement potential and issue your loan according to our findings.

The funding from my lawsuit loan can be used to cover living expenses, mortgage payments, unpaid car loans, or medical bills. Those are important bills that need to be paid each month to avoid damaging your credit and avoiding repossessions of your important assets.

Other benefits of our services 

Our fees are determined by a few factors, but one of the most important is how long the case lasts. We charge monthly interest fees, BUT you will NOT have to pay anything to us until the case is settled. That gives you some extra time to work with your lawyer to get a just and fair settlement of your case. You won’t have to accept whatever low offer settlement they give you early on in the case!

Lastly, what if your case goes badly and you lose your lawsuit? Are you stuck paying us back for your loan with no settlement and possibly heading toward bankruptcy? The answer is NO. You will not be held liable for paying back the loan. Of course, we want you to win your case so you get paid and we get paid also. This can give you some peace of mind when considering getting a loan from us. Please contact us if you need a loan now.