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How Does Bailing Someone Out Work

Life happens. Sometimes it happens in unexpected ways which leave you in the awkward position of being incarcerated. It’s awkward and inconvenient when you’re granted bail but you don’t have the have the cash to post bond. Walter with Sacramento Bail Bonds says, “To gain your release the bail bondsman will provide the court with a surety bond, guaranteeing your appearance in court.

At times such as these, the services of a bail bondsman prove invaluable.

A bail bondsman is an established agent who will provide a surety bond to the court to satisfy your bail requirement.

When you’re arrested and brought before a judge, the judge determines if you can be set free until your trial date, and whether a bail bond is required. Often the judge sets a bond amount such as $5,000.

You unfortunately don’t have $5,000. but you want to be released.

You’re about to make friends with your local bail bondsman.

Bail bondman provide a useful service to the court and to the community. By assuming the risk of guaranteeing the appearance of the person being released, they help the court system work efficiently:

· jails have fewer prisoners to house

· released prisoners have greater incentive to show for their court date as they have a contractual obligation to a bail bondsman

· bail bondsman will arrest and return anyone who skips their court date

If you fail to show, the bondsman is required to forfeit the full amount of your bond to the court. In posting your bail, the bondsman is assuming risk.” Again, they are taking responsibility. In exchange for this service, you will owe him a fee. The standard fee is 10% – 15% of your bond, depending in which state you live.

If you live, or get arrested, in Illinois, Kentucky, Oregon or Wisconsin, the services of a commercial bail bondsman will not be available to you. Those states banned commercial bail bonding in 2007, though some other service organizations can provide the service.

While some people regard the role of the bails bondman as controversial, the function is in fact well established in law. The role of bail bondsman has existed in America since its foundation, and English history documents the presence of the bail bondsman within the community before the 13th century.

The main advantage of the bail bondsman’s service is that it provides equal opportunity to people who don’t have much money. Rich people don’t need a bail bondsman. The bail bondsman’s service helps people who simply don’t have the cash. The bail bondsman is an equalizer. Because of his service, you get the same opportunity to go free as the rich guy in the next holding … Read More

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